Saturday, May 2, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic may have sprung forth from poor Senior care, how far will the CBS Nursing Home Investigation go?

CBS News is investigating the Nursing Care Crisis. As they uncover the connection between  the State Medical Board's power and Big Pharma's policies directly leading to vulnerable Senior Care, will they back off or move forward with information many Caregivers already know about?

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Stephon Clark's Death Reveals that not every Police Officer can be Brave and Wise.

One of the problems that occurs every time a potential olice brutality or police error situation hits the news is how the event is megaphoned into a trial of all Police Officers. The reality is if 95% to 98% of all Police Officers are wise and brave, that still leaves 2% to 5% who are cowards when they can least afford to be, fools, when the situation calls for wisdom and bravery.

Watch Helicopter Footage of Police Officers firing the majority of their shots with Stephon Clark already on the Ground.

If you watched Police Cam Footage of the Stephon Clark Shooting, it was apparent to me that at least one of the Police Officers was scared out of his mind. So scared that even though both officers were FULLY PROTECTED by remaining around the corner of the side back of the home, One of the Police Officers still felt the need to fire often, fire fast, and fire the actual kill shots while the victim, Stephon Clark, was lying on the ground. Then they waited minutes, afraid to approach a dead body, absolutely amazing.

I think it's time for Police Departments to start throwing under the bus the very few, the very fearful, the very cowardly, without it being an indictment of the entire Police Department.
Barely a second elapsed from when the frightened Police Office yelled "show us your hands", to when he yelled, "gun, gun, gun". The Police Officer gave the victim no method for complying without being the victim being shot at until dead.

This case reminds me of the deranged Police Chief who kept barking out incoherent orders to an obviously unarmed and totally afraid caucasian named Daniel Shaver in a Hotel Corridor, and they too assassinated that person as well. Both times the erroneous conclusion has been that the shoot was a good shoot.

Judge for yourself.  (update, August 30, 2020, this particular version has been removed from YouTube).
The Monster yelling the entire time was Police Sargent Langley, who was set to retire soon after. Langley was never charged even though his contradictory and delusional commands directly led to the death of this man. It's not necessarily about racism, it's about monsters in police uniforms who are protected because of the mindset that 100% of all Police Officers are brave and wise, when the reality is the percentage is probably about 95% to 98%.

We must find some middle ground where if the Police admit an officer lost their composure that a cap is placed on the amount of the settlement so that Law Enforcement is not defending boneheaded moves by a small percentage of their police force. 

No City can afford 10 and 20 million dollar verdicts because a Police Officer proved they could not handle a pressure situation because no one can know for sure until a pressure situation actually happens how any Police Officer will react.

Let's pass a law that creates a Cowardly Behavior Cap so that we don't have to continually pretend there are no cowards or imposters posing as the wise and brave in Blue.

Even if the shots fired on Stephon Clark while he was upright were marginally justified, the shots fired while he was lying prone on the ground were the bullets that actually killed him. The District Attorney has turned a blind eye to shooting suspects while they lay on the ground already dead or dying as they continue to be shot.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Welcome to Police Cam Detective.

Welcome to Police Cam Detective. In this Blog we explore the world of Police Camera Videos and interpret the events that unfold.